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The Day Has Finally Come

February 14, 2019

That kiddo up on top would have let me bring the cookies to her classroom!

For several years now I’ve seen my friends go through it. I’ve smugly stood back and enjoyed that we have not experienced it. I mean, it’s a right of passage. I knew the day would come eventually. But admit that secretly I had enjoyed avoiding this one. I mean is it really that bad to be seen at school with your mom?

Yes, today the Big One crushed my heart just a little bit. Last night at the board meeting for the school band foundation, the girls’ teacher mentioned to me that nobody had asked him if he wanted to buy Girl Scout Cookies. Now the Little One told me that she had asked all of her teachers, well apparently, she asked all of her A day teachers…. And missed her one different B day teacher (our 6th graders have a two-hour English block, as a result their PE and elective class alternate days).

So, when I got home, I told both girls they needed to ask him if he wanted to buy cookies. Just a side note my dad has been in the hospital for 23 days now, so cookies have not been our priority. When we have a built-in easy sale, these girls need to get on it!

Fast forward to this morning, the Little One woke up with a fever and snot so she is home from school. That means the Big One has to ask Mr. Band Teacher. She is not real big on asking her teachers about cookies, but it comfortable with this teacher so she agreed.

Typically on Fridays the girls stay after school to help clean up the band room. Since tomorrow is a holiday the Big One asked if she could stay after today. I told her yes, she could and she could text me what type of cookies she needed for her teacher I could bring them after school. She agreed this was a good plan.

It’s raining today so I drove the Big One to school, as we planned out the day the conversation when like this:

BIG ONE: “So I’ll ask Mr. Band Teacher what cookies he wants after school and then I’ll text you what to bring.”

FIXITMOMMY: “Okay sounds like a plan. I’ll make sure I am home from work to get what you need.”

BIG ONE: “Okay…. Ummmmm after I text you….. ummm should I just come out to the parking lot to wait for the cookies……ummm yeah, is that okay?”

FIXITMOMMY: “ Sure that’s fine! What’s wrong you don’t want your mom walking into the band room to deliver?”

BIG ONE: “Ummmmmm well, I mean you ummmmm could… or I can just come get them and take them to Mr. Band Teacher ummmmm ‘kay?”

FIXITMOMMY: “Dude, you don’t want your mom strolling in after school with cookies?”

BIG ONE: “No, it’s okay, I’ll come out to you. Okay, thanks Love you….” As she practically raced away from my car out into the rain.

So there you have it. It’s cool to be a band nerd. It’s cool to hang out in the band room cleaning up after school. It’s cool to be a Girl Scout. It’s cool to sell cookies. But it is definitely not cool for your mom to bring Girl Scout Cookies to the band room!


Just in case you need some cookies, you can order them online here!

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