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High School Tips

August 21, 2019

class of 2023Ok, y’all it’s been a really long time since I attended high school. I mean like ancient times to many of you. I know it was a whole different world today than it was way back in the late 80’s, but I am certain that some things remain the same.

The Big One starts high school next week. WHAT? How is that possible, I know! Yesterday was registration day, so as I waited in the seemingly endless line at the finance office yesterday to pay for the Big One’s ASB card, yearbook, PE clothes, etc I had the pleasure of listening to and witnessing a few things. I was not intentionally being creeping eavesdropping on the teenage girls behind me or the teenage boys in front of me. It just happened with my place in the line. I was standing alone just trying to take it all in. (The Big One was off getting her yearbook photo and ID card created.)


High School Tip #1
The girls behind me were talking about dating. I gathered that they, like the Big One, are incoming freshman. One girl said that another friend said she would begin dating this year. But here’s the thing, the girl said, “She will only date guys with straight A’s.” I was cool with that. But then the next statement was, “OH! and he must be good looking.”  I tried not to chuckle at the restrictions being placed on these pending relationships.  One of the other girls responded, “Well, she’s going to have a hard time with that, guys who get straight A’s are NOT good looking… EVER.”  So here’s my tip #1… dating is hard. Finding someone who treats you well and cares about you is what matters. Preconceived notions will not get you far. Take the rules away and focus on someone who is kind. Someone who is genuine. Someone who helps build others up, not tears them down.


High School Tip #2
The girls jumped from dating to Instagram. One girl asked the other, “Do your parents check your Instagram?”  Horrified the other girl says, “NO WAY!” I cringed at this one too.  The first girl then says, “Well you are giving the middle finger wrong!”  What the heck does that even mean? Number one, pictures of you “giving the middle finger”… WHY? Nobody looks good giving the middle finger.  So, here’s my tip #2… It’s the grandma rule. Would you give your grandma the middle finger? Would you frame a picture of yourself flipping someone off and give it to your grandma? No, you most likely wouldn’t so don’t put in on Instagram or any other social media. If it’s not appropriate for grandma’s eyes, it’s not appropriate for social media. And just a side note, parents, you need to check your kids’ Instagram. I don’t care how that makes you feel. You need to know what your kids are posting, sharing, liking, following, etc.


High School Tip #3
I know some of you are going to really roll your eyes at this one, but I am going to say it anyway…. Put your boobies away. Oh my goodness, I am a curmudgeon, apparently. The shorty shorts I have accepted are here to stay. Every store carries them. In fact, we’ve struggled to find shorts that my girls are comfortable wearing. But the super tight body suits paired with the shorty shorts are not okay for school. I saw way more flesh yesterday among the incoming freshman than I care to remember. I know that your bodies are changing. For some of you, the growing boobs are a novelty and you want to share them with the world. Just please keep them contained. I really was concerned that if some of the girls sneezed, things would have gotten a little out of control. So tip #3…. Can you sneeze safely in that outfit? Will any sudden movement cause an embarrassing shift in your clothing? If so, reconsider it.


High School Tip #4
Be who you are. The group in front of me included two boys and a girl. One of the boys started the day in a sweatshirt. He got hot, but didn’t want to wear his sweatshirt tied around his waist. “That looks stupid!” he told the others, as he stood there with the sweatshirt around his neck instead. (Not draped over his shoulders like a preppy kid from the 80’s, but literally around his neck. Basically, he took his arms out but kept the rest of it on).  Now in my mind, it looked a bit strange and seemed like it would not do much to make him cooler, but whatever. He felt more comfortable that way, so be it. His friends ribbed him a little bit (agreeing with my internal dialogue), but they quickly moved on and let him be himself. So tip #4…. We’ve all got issues. We’ve all got opinions and ideas on what’s cool and what isn’t cool. Let your friends be a little weird. It’s all good. This kid wearing his sweatshirt around his neck had no negative impact on anyone, so be like his friends, and let him be.


High School Tip #5 – Infinity
There are 500+ incoming freshman at the Big One’s school (about 2,500 total students). That’s huge. Most of these kids are coming from middle schools with about 1,000 students. So, life is changing in a big way for them.  They will all be facing so many new challenges. New experiences. New choices that they have to make. The big difference is that now more than ever, their choices can have life-long consequences.  So, tip #5…  Please remember to be kind. Everyone will make mistakes. Everyone says dumb things once in a while. Everyone will make tough choices. Through it all just remember kindness is key. You have literally no idea what each person has been through in life. You have no idea what their family is like. You have no idea their fears. You have no idea their goals and dreams. So just be kind. Support them through the good, the bad and the ugly. Tearing someone else down will NEVER EVER solve your own problems. Ask for help if you need it. Love one another. Treat everyone the way you hope to be treated. Smile at someone, you just might change their life.


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  1. August 21, 2019 9:46 am

    I think tip no 5 above all else. Be kind, and try not to hurt anyone in any way.
    Good luck Mommy!

    • fixitmommy permalink*
      August 21, 2019 2:16 pm

      YES! Peter, I agree, #5 is by far the most important!

  2. Laura permalink
    August 21, 2019 10:46 am

    You are awesome! Thank you for writing this… I plan to share it with my Big One who started high school on Thursday. Good tips for him to hear.

    Though… he may disagree with you about the boobies suggestion …😂

    • fixitmommy permalink*
      August 21, 2019 2:17 pm

      Thanks, Laura! How do we have kids in high school?????

  3. August 21, 2019 5:33 pm

    I’m sure my high school days (in a class of 1,000, in a school of 3,000) are even further in the past than yours, but these tips sound timeless to me. I’m sure the Big One will do very well, both academically and socially. She’s got you for a mom.

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