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It’s Almost Cookie Time!

January 23, 2014

We’ve been selling Girl Scout cookies for a few years now. We are nowhere near as seasoned as some, but we’ve done it long enough that it’s getting more difficult to come up with fun cookie-related activities at meetings. For this week, I had a couple ideas from various other blogs and web sites, but I was nowhere near as prepared as normal. Yes, I am a bit of a control freak and typically uber-organized. So here it was 1:20, school gets out at 2:10 and I had nothing ready for my Girl Scout meeting other than some colored paper I had cut into squares.


I had a grand plan of doing a cookie quiz – just to make sure the girls were familiar with the products. Nothing worse than being a booth sale and a customer asks what the orange box is and nobody can answer.  So I looked for one online and couldn’t find much. Most of the quizzes center on personality types and favorite cookies.  UGH! I was getting stressed. I found a couple examples, pulled from them and created a short quiz. Then I took my colored squares and with the help of several volunteers at the meeting made little “paddles” that we used as a way for the girls to show their answers.


Then we did the classic bury the Girl Scout cookie in whipped cream game, where you drop a cookie in a bowl, cover the cookie with whipped cream and have the girls find and eat their cookie with no hands.  It was messy fun, not the kind of thing my inner control freak typically condones!


Finally we made pins using bottle caps, flowers and these super cute images I downloaded from Etsy. By the colors002way I purchased and downloaded the images at about 1:30, never have I cut meeting preparation this close before.


Needless to say, I was a bit stressed getting to school, knowing I hadn’t done much. I just hoped the girls and their moms would be forgiving of my lack of planning. Guess what? Several of those little turkeys declared today’s meeting the “best ever!” I’m sure it had more to do with the cookies they got to sample than anything else, but we decided that maybe I need to be unorganized a little more often!

Here is my Girl Scout Cookie Product Quiz in case you are searching for one too!

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