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Cobwebs – virtual and real-live actual ones

January 24, 2014

I’ve been neglecting this here blog long enough. It’s time to get back to it. I never made baby books for the girls, this was supposed to be it. You’d think nothing’s been happening in our lives with the cobwebs growing around here in this virtual little world.


Spider+web_e98ce9_3395976Speaking of cobwebs, boy howdy yesterday a spider attacked me, and yes, I think I really did pull something trying to karate chop it. Don’t laugh too hard, you know that you too become a ninja when you walk through a spider web. This was so much worse than merely walking through a web.


So we got home from Youth Group and I was pestering (ok, maybe nagging) the girls to get ready for bed. This is not unlike most Wednesday evenings in our house. The Husband was on the couch watching TV, and the girls were supposed to be brushing their teeth. At this particular moment, I think the Big One actually was doing what she was supposed to be doing. The Little One was not. Had she been in the bathroom doing what she was supposed to be doing, she may have been the spider’s victim. {We have two bathrooms, but for whatever reason the Little One uses the master bath to brush her teeth.}


Since she wasn’t in there doing what she had been told numerous times to go do, I went in to wash my face. I walked in, flipped the light on and got about halfway to the sink when I noticed something black hanging down from my bangs. At first I just sort of flipped my hair thinking it was fuzz or something harmless. Then it dawned on me that it was not vacating my hair. Rather it had legs that were flailing trying to reattach themselves to something, anything at that moment. I let out an odd sounding, “WHAAAAAAA” noise and start jumping around like I had actual fire ants in my pants. My arms were flapping, my hair was flying, my feet were jumping (you’ve been there, don’t judge me!) Finally I manage to make contact with the black, hairy beast.


Unfortunately, the contact I made resulted in the spider landing on my face, actually touching my face – right between the eyes. Perspective is a crazy thing. The thing seemed larger than normal when it was hanging in my hair, but now that it was literally between my eyes, the thing looked gargantuan.  It looked like a dang tarantula. So I smacked myself across the face to get the thing off me, while letting out another exasperated, “WHHHAAAAA!” kind of noise. This time the spider hit the floor. Fortunately I had shoes on still, so I squashed it while yelling, “I’m OKAY! THANKS for the concern!!!”


Sensing I was in distress, the Little One came racing in to the bathroom, spotted the squashed spider on the floor and let out a blood curdling scream.  At which point, the Husband finally gets off the couch to see what the commotion is all about. Instead of being concerned for me and the near heart attack I just about had, he shares his own distress about being so afraid that someone lie dying in the bathroom because of all the noise.


This brought the Big One in the bathroom because she too was curious about all the commotion. She sees the dead spider on the floor and decides that she is never going into the master bathroom again. Poor kid, if she looked close enough she’d see that there are cobwebs all over the house. Those spiders are lurking everywhere. (Again don’t judge me, I am short and spiders know this. They purposely build those web way up high so I can’t get them!)


Best I can tell, this poor, now dead, spider had created a web and was lowering itself down from the fan vent in the ceiling. I will say that it is very unusual to find a spider dangling in the middle of my house. Find one in the corner in a nice cozy cobweb, well that’s a lot more common.


I’m going to do my best to keep the cobwebs out of this little space and share some more about our daily adventures and antics. Hope you will stick around, there aren’t too many dull moments around here.

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