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Multi-level marketing, typos, lockets, what have I done?

January 16, 2014

oo boxOh Lordy, y’all I signed up to be an Independent Designer for Origami Owl. If you haven’t seen their stuff it’s absolutely adorable. They are basically living lockets that allow you to tell your own personal stories through sparkly charms, lockets, chains, tags and bangles.


I got one for my graduation gift when I finally finished grad school in May. I love it. It’s fun, sparkly and symbolizes my life.  I figured it would be fun to sell them and share the cuteness and charm of creating your own personalized piece. I love that there are so many different charms, lockets and other pieces that you can combine into a million different one-of-a-kind pieces.


I’ve never sold anything like this. I was never a Pampered Chef rep, never sold Mary  Kay, not a big Avon fan , you get the picture. This is my first foray into multi-level marketing stuff. I’m not sure I’ll be any good at it or if I will even enjoy it. But I like the products and I am hopeful my friends and family will too.


So being a marketing person, I purchased a URL to re-direct to my Origami Owl Designer web site. {shameless plug}  Well, I should have read the “Policies and Procedures” before I did that.  That is not allowed, but that’s okay. I can live with it. As I was reading the P&Ps and learning that my fabulous URL is a no-no, I came across this little typographical gem:


Section 4.2.4 states

…This includes using trademarks in metal tags, key words and/or Search Engine Optimization (SEO).”

Beach-themed Living Locket


Y’all know I have my master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications, but even I am stumped as to what a “metal tag” is.


Of course, it should read “meta tags.”


Here’s my challenge, in addition to not finding a date anywhere on the Policies and Procedures I found a pretty blatant typo in the only section I really read. I’m not sure if I should keep reading or if I should just walk away now.


Shoot, I may get in trouble for using “live locket” instead of my name too. I’m not exactly sure since I couldn’t finish reading the document. I might get fired before I even get started!  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out! If you like the stuff, you might want to order something quick in case I get canned!

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