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A Rough Week

March 12, 2010

The Big One has had a rough week in the bathroom. I’m not going to sugar coat it, sorry. I already told y’all about the whole not pooping for nine days adventure.


Who knew that would probably be the best part of her week in terms of the toilet?


There is some road construction going on at preschool. They are widening the road that the church is on. So on Wednesday, construction required the water to be shut off at the church. The preschool was prepared, they had porta-potties and bottled water handy.


Apparently all of the kids were excited to try out the porta-potties. It was the Big One’s turn. She was doing fine, sitting on the pot, doing her thing. Her teacher was with her to offer moral support. I guess the Big One shifted her weight just right and lost her balance. No, she didn’t fall in the pot, but she did slip a little and certainly felt like she was getting sucked down into the blue abyss.  Her teacher grabbed her and prevented her from falling in. It didn’t matter though, the damage was done. We now have a slight fear (again) of falling in the potty.


Then today we went back to the Y. It was our first trip since we all got so terribly sick. I was really hesitant to go back, but  I am going to Hawaii with the Husband in April, so you do what you gotta do.


I guess at some point while I was swimming, the Big One had to go potty. The care givers in the play area, helped her get into the bathroom and then went back to playing with other kids. The Big One told them she was big enough to do it alone, which she is. The only problem is apparently the door to the restroom in the kids’ play weighs about a half a ton. (according to the care givers!).


From what I was told, a few minutes had gone by, the Big One hadn’t emerged when suddenly they heard screaming coming from the vicinity of the restroom. The Big One was stuck. She couldn’t get the door open, so she started freaking out.


Great, so now we are not only afraid of falling in, but we are also afraid of being locked it. UGH!

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