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That Little One

March 17, 2010

I’m telling you, she is going to be the death of me.  I guess one benefit of her antics is that the dog is now clean.

Granted I hadn’t planned on giving the dog a bath.  We are San Diego-bound tomorrow, and while I would like to say I always take a clean dog with me that’s not always the case.  I really just wanted to focus on getting the laundry done and the house tidied.

Instead I just bathed the dog.  Why did I need to bathe the dog?  Well I actually was feeling really guilty because of the blue streak that she has had down the middle of her back.  It’s been about a week.  I admit I figured the way the dog rolls around in the backyard and rubs up against all the furniture, the paint would have worn off by now.  Alas, it hadn’t so I did what needed to be done.

She is not the easiest dog to bathe, so yes I put it off. But honestly if the Little One wasn’t such a pill, the situation would have never occurred.

You see the girls were painting Easter sun-catchers.  They were at their little table doing their thing, when I heard, “UH-OH!” come from the Little One.

She had tried to put her paintbrush in the little cup of water that I gave her. Of course the paint brush didn’t stay put, it flipped out of the cup and onto the floor. Blue paint splattered all over the tile, wall and chair.

I got some paper towels and started to clean the mess.  I don’t know what I was thinking really. I handed the Little One her paint brush as I got down on my hands and knees next to her to clean the floor.  I really should have known better. The dog thought there was food on the floor so she managed to squeeze herself between the Little One and me.  The dog is just at arm’s height when the Little One is in her chair, so the temptation was too great.

The next thing I heard was, “I painted Gracie,” followed by the evil giggle that the Little One is known for.  I was so focused on cleaning that I didn’t even look at the dog. To be completely honest, I forgot all about the incident until the next day when I noticed the blue streak running down the middle of the dog’s back.

I suppose I should be thanking the dog for being there. If she hadn’t been there, I probably would have been the one with a blue streak down my back.

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  1. Laura permalink
    March 17, 2010 9:15 pm

    Believe it or not, I can top that, and it was all the dog’s fault… No child was involved.

    Cyan printer cartridge… Dog who liked to chew…. Nuff said…. It must have tasted bad once she finally got it open, since it was mostly her face and paws that got hit, and of course the carpet. Don’t remember how long it lasted, but I can tell you that a bath didn’t work!

  2. fixitmommy permalink*
    March 18, 2010 7:32 am

    Ohhh, OUCH! My sister’s dog got a regular old ink pen and I know what a challenge it was getting the ink out of the carpet. I cannot imagine getting printer ink out. UGH! Damn dogs! 🙂

  3. Bridgit permalink
    March 31, 2010 6:16 am

    I am the Mom to 2 girls …6 yrs old and 3 yrs old …and I SO love your stories …it makes my realize that others experience some of the same things …gotta love kids!

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