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Those Darn Baby Dolls

February 6, 2010

Obviously Santa does not read my blog. If he did read my blog, he would know that baby dolls with clothes are not supposed to enter my house.


For any of you who may have missed the rules pertaining to baby dolls, here is the link:


For Christmas the Big One received a Dora doll complete with clothes, shoes, ice skates, ice skating dress and pajamas.  Did you catch that? Not only one set of clothing to change into, but three different outfits and essentially two pairs of shoes.


The Big One in the last couple days has suddenly taken a liking to this particular Dora doll. And more importantly she has taken to changing Dora’s clothes 18 times a day.  It’s all fine and good during the day. I figure the shoes and skates will be stretched out soon enough that they won’t stay on and I can throw them in the trash. But the clothes are a whole other ballgame.


Sometimes the Big One gets Dora changed with relative ease, sometimes she melts down and freaks out.


So tonight, just as last night, the Big One decided that when it was time for her to go upstairs for tubby time, that Dora too needed to get her pajamas on and go to sleep.


The Husband laid down the law last night that Dora was not allowed in bed. It was a good thing, the last thing I wanted was a meltdown at 2 a.m. because Dora’s ice skate was somewhere in her bed. So tonight as the Big One struggled to get Dora’s dress off so that she could put her Pajamas on, she started whining.


I offered to help and quickly surmised the problem. Dora’s arm had been rotated all the way around so that her elbow was facing forward (OUCH!). So I said, “Well the problem is you’ve got her arm all jacked up.”


So then of course she asked me what “jacked up” meant. So I told her it was just messed up and needed to be turned the right way.


I thought end of story. I took Dora’s dress off and put her pajama pants on. I gave the doll back to the Big One to put Dora’s pajama top on. Next thing I hear is, “ UGGGGGGHHHHHHH this arm is all jacked up!”


Nice, huh?


Yes, I could take the blame for her newfound catch phrase, but it’s so much easier to blame it on Santa. If there were no Dora doll with clothes, this would have never happened in the first place. Damn you Santa.

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