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Does Any of the Toothpaste End up on Their Teeth?

February 15, 2010

I confess it’s been a couple weeks since I have cleaned the girls’ bathroom.  Nobody goes in there, but them, so it’s pretty low on my priority list.  So today we were in cleaning mode.  The Husband washed both cars, I gave the dog a bath and decided it was time to tackle the girls’ bathroom.


Just  an aside the dog gets bathed about as often as the girls’ bathroom gets cleaned.  Hmmm, wonder if there is a connection between the Husky/German Shephard mix getting a bath and the bathroom becoming uninhabitable? I think there is. If you know a trick to get your dog to shake the excess water off at the right time, please let me know.


Anyway this is not about dog hair, it’s about toothpaste.


My title is definitely not in jest, I honest to goodness wonder if any of the toothpaste gets on their teeth.  I found it on the counter, mirror, floor, wall, towels, baseboards, step stools and everywhere else imaginable.


How is it possible to get toothpaste everywhere?


If there was a way to gather up and measure how much toothpaste I found, I am certain it would have been at least one full tube of it. I know it’s only going to get worse in their bathroom from here on out.  So the question then becomes, how old is old enough to start cleaning it themselves?

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  1. February 22, 2010 8:50 am

    My daughter’s toothpaste ends up in her tummy 😉 She probably thinks it’s a sweet treat or something when we brush teeth. But then she is only 16m old. We are yet to reach the toothpaste-all-over the bathroom stage!

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