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What Are the Odds?

February 4, 2010

I don’t even know how to start this one. This was the craziest thing ever. At preschool, the Big One made a crown, complete with sparkly jewels and all. She had four extra jewels in her hand as we headed for the Mom-mobile.


As she climbed into her seat, she started freaking out because she suddenly only had three jewels. She started crying, “My pink one! I lost the pink one!”


I admit I was a bit annoyed. We have a bag full of theses same jewels at home, so really I didn’t see the need for the drama.


As she continues freaking out, I am struggling to get her carset buckled. The top buckle was latched and I was trying to fit the two metal pieces into the lower buckle. For some reason, the metal tab would not go in the hole.


Getting frustrated, I announced, “What the heck?” and then peered into the buckle to see what was going on.


What do you think I saw lodged perfectly inside the buckle? Yep, a pink jewel.  Are you kidding me? I tried tapping the buckle and shaking it upside down to no avail. The jewel was not moving.


I searched my glove box for something to try and pry the thing out. Nothing.


So then I went back into the preschool to see if they by chance had some tweezers.  Of course, Ms. Jessica,  the preschool director, is cracking up laughing and shaking her head in disbelief as I tell her what the problem is.


No luck. So I call the Husband to see if he can drive 30 miles home to get me some tweezers or needle nose pliers or something.  He doesn’t answer his phone.


I did one last search and found a pair of scissors in my “emergency box” and was finally able to pluck the jewel out of the buckle.


Guess what I am buying next time I go to WalMart? Yep, tweezers, two sets; one for my car and one for the preschool!

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