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Full of Firsts At This House

March 9, 2009

I have two firsts to share today. One is definitely reason to celebrate, one is reason to dread shopping with my children.

Which should we do first? Hmmmmm. Let’s do the dread so we can end on a high note.

We went to Kohl’s on Saturday with Grandma. Now normally I try to leave the girls with the Husband when I go to Kohl’s, but if it’s not possible I put the Little One in the stroller and the Big One just walks around with me. Since Grandma was with us, Grandma told the Big One she could ride in a cart with Grandma pushing. After a while the Big One decided it wasn’t very fun being contained, so she whined until Grandma got her out. Then she decided she wanted to push the cart, so again Grandma let her.

That’s when it happened. The Big One was behind me pushing the cart. She wasn’t paying attention (she is 3 after all), when I stopped walking… she didn’t. She rammed that cart right into the back of my heel. It took my tennis shoe off, she hit me so hard. Now I remember being a kid and doing that to Grandma and I remember the “death stare” that I would get from my own mother. I am fairly certain somewhere between the tears that were welling from the pain, that the Big One also got the death stare.

I know this was the first time of many more cart rammings in my future. I’m hoping that the more it happens the less it will hurt.

And now the reason to celebrate. Yesterday at church… the Big One stayed in Sunday School all by herself!! WAHOOO! Anyone who knows us in real life knows how HUGE this is. So I am going to say it again. The Big One stayed in Sunday School all by herself.

And apparently she fought back when the boys tried to steal the purple rice from her. They were gluing colored rice on a picture when the boys tried to take it from her. She apparently told them, “No, I had it first. You have to share.” That’s my bossy Big One holding her own against the three boys in her Sunday School class. WAHOO!

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  1. Amanda permalink
    March 9, 2009 6:07 pm

    YAY Big One!


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