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She had a 50/50 Shot

March 10, 2009

When I was pregnant with the Big One, the Husband and I talked a lot about what she would look like. Of course we each picked out physical traits that we hoped she would and would not have. Don’t laugh, you know you all did it too.

There is no doubt the Big One is my child. She pretty much looks like I did when I was a wee one. She is pasty white, stringy dirty blond hair and bright blue eyes. And tonight I noticed something else that she apparently is going to inherit from me.

She’s had one or two cute little freckles on her chest. Tonight in the bath tub, I noticed one little freckle on her cheek. Oh how I pray that it stops at just that one. You see I have a lot of freckles. The ones on my face have faded in my old age, but when I was a kid, I was that typical pale, freckle-faced cute kid. Well, as adults we all think it’s cute, but being that kid was tough.

The FixItMommy is a big girl. I can honestly say though, that I have never felt any discrimination because of my fat-ness. However as a kid, I remember being teased mercilessly for all of my zillion freckles.

I vividly remember being in first grade and making a classmate of mine cry. You see we were paired up and had to fill out little surveys about out partner. Most of the questions on the survey were pretty benign, you know: what color is your partner’s hair, eyes, shirt, etc. Well then there was the question of how many freckles does your partner have. The poor kid cried because he couldn’t count that high.

And now I am paranoid that I have passed the freckle curse on to the Big One.

Of course, this is all in jest. My mom and dad always reassured me they were “angel kisses” and how lucky I was to have them. Yada, yada, yada. I really never had a huge complex with the freckle-factor. It was just who I was and still am.

I hope that no matter how many freckles she has, she remembers that each and every one is truly an angel kiss. And I hope that I can teach her early on how important sunscreen is when you have the pasty white  skin!

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  1. Holly permalink
    March 11, 2009 5:03 am

    I loved my freckles when I was a kid! Being a redhead, maybe I was already used to being different, so they didn’t bother me. There’s a book called “My Book About Me” where you write in your eye color, etc. and one page was about freckles. Maybe that would help her get excited about them …? I loved that book!

  2. March 11, 2009 5:54 am

    I feel your pain! The hubby and I both have freckles, him more than I. This fall I discovered a few small freckles on L’s bridge of his nose. While they are so teeny tiny that they are cute. I really hope it stops there also. My kids are both pasty white too and will learn very early how much we love the sunscreen!

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