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Gracie Lou ~ The Protector

January 9, 2009

One of the biggest reasons the Husband agreed to adopt Gracie Lou was because I wanted a dog around the house for the times that he is gone for Reserve duty. It makes me feel safer to have a vicious sounding dog around.

Well, the first couple months, Gracie Lou proved that she was anything but vicious. Instead she cowered whenever anyone came near her. Fast forward to the last month or so and she has become quite the guard dog. At least she is protective of me, the girls and the house. I am still not convinced that she would come to the Husband’s rescue but I will give her some more time to come around.

Anyway she has suddenly taken to going into attack mode when the doorbell rings. And for a 45-pound beautiful girlie looking dog, she’s got a bark that would scare the pants off most intruders. At least is scares the pee out of me and the girls {and the Husband sometimes too!}

The problem with this new found territorialism is that she can not yet differentiate between the actual doorbell and doorbells on the TV. During the holidays it was like clockwork the damn Ferrero Rocher commercial came on every night at approximately 7:42 p.m. It kicks off with the door bell ringing, and Gracie Lou going crazy barking. We finally got to the point of being quick enough on the remote to fast forward before the doorbell rang.

Well this morning I was in my own kind of hell when Handy Manny was on. The girls were intently watching when I realized we were in trouble as Manny was fixing a doorbell. I swear the damn doorbell rang at least 14 times in the 25 minute episode. Each time, Gracie Lou went crazy barking, the Little One screamed in fear and the Big One whined that she couldn’t hear because of all the noise.

Ahhhhhh, good times. Gracias, Handy Manny.

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  1. Karen permalink
    January 12, 2009 12:15 pm

    LOL! Allow me my moment to laugh as we both know my day will come…


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