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Should’ve Named Her {Chatty} Kathy

February 25, 2009

That Little One is a talker. It’s still a bit strange to see this teeny tiny person bust out with several word sentences. More than once someone has done a double-take when we’ve been out and she’s started chattering.

Y’all know she is short, I’ve talked about it several times. She also doesn’t have much hair so she really still has that baby face about her. The other day at the park, someone asked if she was one yet. That was a bit of a stretch, she certainly looks older than one, but she doesn’t really look like she’ll be two in April.

So anyway it got me reminiscing last night after she said, “More ice cream please, Daddy.” That’s five words. Okay, okay, okay, that’s kind of cheating since ice cream is one item, but two words. If my brain wasn’t so tired, I would share another {legitimate} five-word sentence that she used the other day. I can’t remember what she said. I just remember the incredulous look on the Husband’s face.

Anyway, the Big One never said much before she turned two. And now she is rarely quiet. So with the Little One, trust me I a NOT bragging about her vocabulary. Rather I am afraid. I can only imagine how the noise level is just going to keep increasing as time goes on.

Some of her favorite sentences are:

  • “No Mommy, I do it!”
  • “No {Big One}, no hitting!”
  • “Greasy no kisses.” {Greasy = Gracie Lou, the dog}
  • “{Big One} bonked the head.” {when the Big One has hit her}
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