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Cojones, Yep She’s Got Them

January 9, 2009

I often tell people that the Big One looks just like me, but acts just like her daddy. She’s a little ADHD, mixed with some OCD. But this afternoon, she proved that she is her own person; and a person with rather large cojones.

The nap time battle with her has been occurring since before she even turned 2. I, blame the husband and his ADHD for her complete disinterest in sleep. She’s never been a good napper, but I do force her to lie down for at least an hour everyday and rest.

I don’t even call it nap time for her, it’s her “rest time” or her “quiet time.” I don’t even make her go up to her room any more. She is so noisy that she wakes the Little One up with her silly songs and story telling.

We used to have the fire truck bed downstairs in the play room, but shortly before Christmas we sold the bed to make room for the mambo play kitchen that Grandma bought. The people who bought the bed didn’t need a mattress so we have the toddler size mattress still in the playroom.

It’s not just sitting there, it does serve a purpose {in addition to the Big One’s resting spot} it serves as a soft landing spot if someone falls while climbing the stairs to the mambo slide that was also a Christmas gift.

Well today, despite being told “eyes closed, mouth closed, head on the pillow” for the 20th time the Big One was still screwing around apparently temptation got the best of her. I had just finished emptying the dishwasher and checking on her. I went to the bathroom and came out of the bathroom to find her on the third step of the slide. She heard me come around the corner and jumped about 4 feet in the air, while at the same time letting go of the slide, flopping down onto the bed, pulling the blanket up over her and closing her eyes all in one swift motion.

I was ticked. I had told her several times that she could slide when rest time was over and then reiterated that I was the one who determined when rest time was over. She immediately started crying hysterically when I told her to just go to her room. I didn’t want to talk to her right then.

After about 20 minutes I went up to her room and asked her what in the world she was thinking. I asked her why she did it. I asked if she was just bored, if she didn’t care what I had told her, if she thought she wouldn’t get caught, if she didn’t care if she got caught.

She looked me straight in the eye and said. “I didn’t think you would caught me…..mommmmmmmmmmyyyyy.”

Well guess what, I caught you, I told her. I used it as the first opportunity to drive home the point that the FixItMommy knows all. That I see everything and that I will always find out. A bit much for a three-year-old to understand? Yep, but it made me feel better and gave me some practice for how that speech will go the next time.

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  1. Amanda permalink
    January 14, 2009 1:39 pm

    They don’t seem to realize that if they lied about why they were doing whatever they were doing to get them into trouble, life would be a lot simpler for them…do they?

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