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“Uh, A Little Help Please….”

August 15, 2006

This was my hubby’s plea a few days ago. Unfortunately for him I was outside chatting with a neighbor when the desperate call came in. What was it that my 32-year-old hubby couldn’t handle by himself? A humongous world-class toddler poop explosion! *hee hee*.

Allison had just woken up from a nap. He went upstairs to get her while I walked our neighbor who had been visiting outside. Unbeknownst to my dear hubby, Allison’s little tummy must’ve been upset because everything that she had eaten in the last day or so was spilling out of her diaper down her legs onto her sheets and everywhere else imaginable. To see how he deals with bodily functions, read this.

He thought I was ignoring his plea for help and this did not help his mood at all in dealing with the diaper explosion. So when I entered the house to hear the bath running, I cautiously headed up the stairs to see what happened. The sight of Allison lying on the changing pad and her daddy precariously holding both of her legs up in the air trying desperately to not get the poop on any other body parts was enough to cause me to laugh hysterically. Again, I was not helping his mood at all. In his defense the stench was pretty bad and the sight of the poop smashed all over her legs, butt, shorts, shirt and changing pad was pretty bad. But it’s just poop and it happens so you gotta deal with it.

So just like the vomit explosion of a few weeks earlier, he took Allison to the bathtub while I changed her crib sheets, all the time trying to convince him that I truly was not ignoring his plea for help.

Whether he believes that or not doesn’t matter. I know he feels avenged because whatever upset Allison’s tummy continued to wreak havoc on her system for the next five days. And when I pleaded for, “ a little help please,” he was at work so I was all on my own.

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