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Caution: Laughing Fits Ahead

July 14, 2006

Allison has discovered the belly laugh. I think even at this age, she realizes the healthy benefits of a good laughing fit. The bonus for mom and dad is that her giggles are contagious and typically send us into fits of laughter too. I started tracking the things that set Allison off and it’s a bit frightening what she finds funny!!

  • Mommy running through the Wal*Mart parking lot in the pouring rain while carrying three bags of stuff, a diaper bag and of course Allison. Did I mention I was also wearing flip-flops and apparently parked in an area prone to flooding. As I was trying to get Allison in the car, the puddle of water came up over the top of my feet leaving me utterly drenched while Allison continued to laugh hysterically in her car seat.
  • Daddy or mommy attempting to do abdominal crunches on the living room floor. I don’t know if it’s the red-faced grunting or the simple act of our heads appearing and disappearing over our knees that Allison finds hysterical. Of course we also become the ultimate playground for her to crawl all over when we are in the crunch position.
  • I can’t for the life of me figure out why this one is so funny, but for Allison it’s a riot when I clean my glasses. I think it’s me breathing on them that makes her laugh, but who knows. It could be the memories of her grabbing them with her sticky little hands and getting the prints all over them in the first place that makes her laugh.
  • Allison loves her Maxwell-doggy. She is totally enamored by him and when he catches a ball, she falls over laughing.
  • One of the great joys of having a staircase in the house is having a banister attached to said staircase. The base of the banister is where Allison’s toys are stored (against the wall along the banister). So when mommy is putting toys away and not paying attention she sometimes stubs her toes on the solid wood banister (probably the only thing in this house that’s solid wood). Anyway, the act of me writhing in pain and hopping on one foot with tears streaming down my face is one of the funniest things in the world to Allison.
  • Now that Allison is walking all over the place, she is learning new ways to torture Max. When she really gets going she’ll chase after Max with her walking toys. Most of these toys already make noise (which Max does not enjoy) and when you add Allison Chasing him with the noise-making toys. He is not amused, but Allison sure is.

This is getting long, I’ll save some for another time!

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