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Who Knew Gravity was so Much Fun?

August 28, 2006

Allison’s new favorite game is the gravity game. When she wakes up, we have to play the gravity game for several minutes before she will agree to leave the confines of her crib.

What exactly is the gravity game? Well, let me tell you about it. We take everything that is in our crib (and not tied down) and we drop it on the floor. This includes a stuffed doggie, a bear/blanket and typically two pacifiers. The best part of the game is when mommy pretends to catch the items as they fall down (she always misses). Allison laughs hysterically each time an item hits the floor. Now when mommy is trying to catch the items she sometimes bobbles them in the air a few times before they hit the ground. And on the rare occasion that mommy is too exuberant in her bobbling and the item hits the ceiling fan, WHOA! This causes falling down, rolling around on the mattress laughing fits as the bear goes shooting across the room. I know it’s not the safest game in the world, but the pacifiers (projectiles) never get near the ceiling fan.

The bad thing about this game is that on some days it is the game that never ends. As long as mommy retrieves the items, gravity will always take hold and they always hit the floor. For some reason this never gets old. I know you are thinking just stop picking up the items, right? Well, you’ve never seen the wrath of my child. Just as the ceiling fan shooting items across the floor causes laughing fits, mommy not retrieving the items causes fits of a whole other kind (although, both involve falling down and rolling on the mattress). One is accompanied by sweet giggles, while the other consists of shrieks that cause the dog to run for cover.

The amazing thing about the gravity game is that Allison can easily be entertained for 20-30 minutes with this game. So my question is why can’t we find a different game outside the crib where she can entertain herself for 90 seconds while I go to the bathroom?

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  1. ~Deborah~ permalink
    September 14, 2006 3:22 pm

    Joyce – I love reading your tales of Allison! I can just relate SO well :-)!

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