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A Real Lady

October 24, 2015

IMG_9328As y’all know the girls are polar opposites. They don’t look anything alike. They don’t dress alike. They don’t like the same things. Now that being said, they also cannot be categorized as being girlie-girls or tomboys either. They both wear dresses, play with dolls and wear pink. But they also like to play in the mud, fight with each other and make messes. They are pretty well-adjusted kids I’d like to think.

They participate in an afterschool hip hop dance thing called Heartlight San Diego. The culmination of this particular session is the opportunity to dance during the half-time show for a San Diego State Aztec football game. It’s been hotter than hades in San Diego this summer and now into fall. But the last few evening have gotten a little chilly. And sometimes it’s gets breezy down on the field during the games as well, so I suggested the girls both wear pants for the show. It’s not fun dealing with tired, whiney and cold kids, trust me. Been there, done that.

Because of the heat, the girls have been living in shorts and dresses. The Big One pretty much only wears leggings. She lives in an elastic-wasted world. She doesn’t like to deal with zippers, buttons or snaps. Just pull them on and go. So her choice of wants was a no brainer. The Little One, on the other hand, really wants to wear jeans. The challenge (in addition to the recent heat) is there are not many jeans companies making jeans for little girls with booties. There is no getting around it, the Little One is built like her mother. She’s got a backside, which makes jeans a tough, tough option.

She has these animal print, stretchy jeans that were given to us by one of The Big One’s friends. These things have several things going for them in The Little One’s eyes – they are a loud pattern, they are stretchy, they are jeans and they came from her big sister’s friend. So she decides that she is going to wear these particular jeans to the Aztec game. She wiggles into them and is dancing around the house, pretty content with herself.

Once we get to the stadium, and get in line to check in for their dance thing, the humidity has increased significantly. So while the temperature had dropped to a comfortable number the humidity is making us all sticky and a little whiney. For the kids to have easy access to the field to dance, we have seats on the field level. Now at Qualcomm Stadium to get to the field level, you have to descend about 40 steps. So, of course, after the game you gotta walk back up those same steps to get out. It was still pretty muggy when we left the game, so once we got to the top of the steps and hiked back out to the mom-mobile, which was in the outer loop of the stadium parking lot, we were all feeling a little gross and sweaty.

We get in the car, get seat belts buckled and The Little One, lets out a huge sigh and says, “Well, that’s that, I’ll never be a real lady.”

At this point neither The Husband, The Big One, or I have any idea what she means, so I took the bait and asked her what in the world was talking about.

She said, “Jeans are way too hot, so I’ll never be a like a real lady or woman, ya know cause they wear jeans all the time.” She then went on to lament the challenges associated with sitting in jeans, “your butt shows and then you have keep tugging at ‘em to get ‘em, back up. I’m not doing it anymore.”

So there ya go. If you don’t wear jeans, you are apparently not a real lady! But hey, at least your butt won’t be showing either!

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  1. Sue Ranscht permalink
    October 26, 2015 9:37 am

    Real ladies wear jeans? Makes me wonder what else the Little One includes in her definition of “real ladies” and how on earth she came to those conclusions. Lol while smh.

    • fixitmommy permalink*
      November 4, 2015 3:34 pm

      She’s a goofy one for sure. It’s funny how their little brains work. I wear jeans most of the time, so I guess that’s where the correlation came from. Nice to know she thinks I am a real lady. 😉

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