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For the Love of Reading

August 31, 2015

Those of you who know me, know that I love to read. Given the choice, I’d rather be curled up on the couch reading a book than doing much else. Unfortunately between kids, dog, The Husband, part-time jobs, lots of jobs I do for free and everything else that happens on a daily basis I don’t read much anymore. But someday…. I will make the time to read again!

I hope that I can encourage my girls to be readers. The Big One is a lot like me when it comes to books. Each night when I tuck her in, she asks, “Can I read for a bit?” Most nights I tell her 15 minutes is all she gets. I am still working on the Little One. Her struggle is with finding something she is interested in. Everything is boring she says.

In the interest is encouraging a love of reading for all, I wanted to introduce you to my friend’s latest project. Robb has been a friend since high school. We bonded working on the high school newspaper and that bond continued as we both took countless English classes at San Diego State University. We ate many a lunch together between classes – yogurt pretzels and Dr. Pepper. We shared a secret for many years that I finally confessed only recently to my mother concerning a certain car accident on the freeway in which I was not the one driving MY vehicle despite what we told my parents, the insurance company or the other driver for that matter! Our lives have taken many different turns over the last 25 plus years, but through the magic of Facebook, we’ve been able to share glimpses of life with one another.

Robb has co-authored a book with his friend, Sue Ranscht, and needs some help getting it published. I know those of you who read my stuff are all in agreement that we lived in a messed up world. People are mean just to be mean. People are judgmental in feeble attempts to make themselves feel better. People are bullied for being different. It’s crazy to think how much happier we could all be if we just learned to love one another and embraced our differences. Those differences are what make us each beautiful and wonderful and fantastically made.

enhancedThe book is called, “Enhanced.” The authors describe is this way:

ENHANCED is a story about belonging or not belonging. It’s about the harm that comes to a society that deliberately excludes those who are different from its mainstream population. Historically, literature and entertainment lack protagonists who are role models for many of those who feel they don’t belong. We created characters to counter that lack…

Sounds interesting, huh? So please, click this link below. Read the excerpt and if you feel so inclined, pledge to purchase a copy of this book and help my friend achieve his dream!

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  1. Sue Ranscht permalink
    August 31, 2015 9:06 pm

    Thank you, Joyce! This is perfect. I hope you’re whole family will be able to enjoy ENHANCED soon.

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