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That Second Kid Thing

September 6, 2012

I honestly feel bad for the Little One sometimes. She started kindergarten this week. There was no real fanfare or big emotional freak-out. She just got ready, we walked up to school and then off she went into her classroom like she had done it a million times.  The little turkey didn’t even say goodbye to me or the Husband.  She hung up her backpack, walked over to her teacher, got her name tag and went inside her class. There was no tears, no hugs, she didn’t even look back. I guess that’s a good thing. I admit it did sting just a little though!


I worry sometimes that some things that were a big deal for the Big One  are kind of passe now for the Little One.  Granted I am the baby, so I am sure the same things happened to me and I turned out just fine.

{Here’s the recap from the Big One’s first day of kindergarten two years ago.}

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