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It’s Official, She’s a Big Kid Now

September 8, 2010

The Big One started kindergarten. WOW! Where did five years go? Sometimes the day-to-day chaos makes it seem like a week will never end, but looking back at the big picture, five years has gone by in a flash.


I’m not going to beat around the bush, I cried. What are you going to do? The Big One didn’t notice my red eyes.  And for the record the Husband worse sunglasses, but I know he cried too! The Big One’s teacher assured us that we were more nervous than the kids, had them give us all one more hug and then off they went into a whole new world of “big-kid school.”


It’s such an odd thing for me to remember when we started the preschool adventure.  We visited several different places, met with a few different teachers and made a choice where we wanted to put the Big One. For kindergarten we registered her at the neighborhood school and last Friday went and checked for her name on a big bulletin board to see what room she was in.


 I admit I feel a little lost. Since we just moved, there was no kindergarten orientation or open house for us to attend. I had never been to the school before yesterday when I dropped her off. (the Husband registered her while I finished wrapping up the move from the desert).


I have friends who attended the school.  Shoot, my own mother went to this school so I know the school is fine.  It was just strange to send off her off to someone I have never seen before in my life.  That leap of faith was hard for me.  Several times yesterday I stopped to say a little prayer that she was okay, that she was having fun, that she was making friends,  that she was following the rules.

Once the Little One and I picked up the Big One, my fears were a little bit relieved as I saw her smiling, sitting where she was supposed to and proudly telling me what my homework was.  She told me she had lots of fun, despite being “forgotten” at lunch time.  I’m not sure what happened but according to the Big One a few of them were missed when the kindergarteners were wrangled up from lunch to head to the playground.  She told me she cried a little because she was sad, but she was okay now.  


And I really should know better than to worry about my little rule follower.  When she got home, I asked her if she ate her lunch and she said no.  She is one of the pickiest eaters around but I gave her a sandwich, yogurt, pretzels and a couple Girl Scout cookies as a special treat.  I figured she would find something in there to eat. So when I asked her why she didn’t eat, she responded, “well at my other school if you don’t eat your sandwich, you don’t get to eat anything else.  And I did not eat my sandwich.”


So there you have it, the rules from her fabulous preschool have stayed with her.  They taught her so many wonderful things and set the foundation for her success in school. I know better than to worry.

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