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Man, It’s Tough

September 3, 2012

The Little One was helping me make a dessert salad for today’s Labor Day festivities when she exclaimed, “Man, it’s tough being a kid!”


The child was putting cut-up apple pieces in a bowl and then stirring in a container of Cool Whip and box of vanilla pudding mix. I was perplexed as to what could be so hard.


So I asked, why it was so tough to be a kid?


She replied, “Well, when you ask to help in the kitchen all you get to do is stir and that makes your stirring arm get really tired.”


So I replied, “Well, if your arm is tired, I can take over.”


“No way! This is my job!” she replied


In my defense she typically does more than stir, however cutting apples as I was doing was not negotiable, she was not helping with that task. So yes, she was relegated to stirring and apparently I am a slave driver!

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