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Everything Takes Longer

June 15, 2012

I’m just going to whine a little about how everything seems to take longer these days, otherwise known as, “YES! I love summer break for the kids!”


So y’all know I am enrolled in an online Master’s degree program through West Virginia University. I am taking just one class this summer. For those of you not familiar with the online course program, each class follows pretty much the same format. The semester is nine weeks long. Each week we have reading assignments and then we have to answer a discussion question and post our response by Wednesday evening. Then by Friday we have to respond to at least four of our classmates’ discussion postings. By Saturday evening we have to have read at least 90% of all the responses. And finally on Monday evenings we have to turn in our written assignments which vary in length and difficulty.


So today is Friday, which means I am trying to get my four responses to classmates done. When the girls were in school, I typically spent Thursday mornings getting this part of my homework done. But now that it’s summer that is not happening, we spent yesterday meeting Hello Kitty and watching a very cool dog Frisbee demonstration. Both very cool events, but neither of which got my homework done.


I told the girls this morning, my first objective is homework. Now it’s almost noon. In the four hours since I started working on my homework, I have gotten three of my four responses done, but have also cleaned up dog poop, fed the dog, completed two loads of laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, dug-out some Halloween costumes (the Big One needed to be Super Girl today!) and cared for injuries.  Today’s injuries began when the Little One ate it on the fake grass. We love the fake grass for many reasons, but it is not very forgiving when one is running on it and wipes out. So as I was cleaning up the Little One’s bloody elbow and knee, I was suddenly stopped by the Big One’s blood-curdling creams! She slammed her finger in her bed’s drawers. OY! So a lovely blood blister on her finger and Band-Aids on the Little One’s knee and elbow, this oh-so-entertaining blog post and I am going to try once again to finish my homework.


If nothing else, grad school is definitely helping with my multi-tasking skills.

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