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A First Around These Parts

October 11, 2011

We haven’t had too many “firsts” around our house lately. The Big One in 6 and the Little One is 4 so we are out of firsts for a little bit.


Yesterday, though we had a monumental first!  It’s flu shot time and the Big One is notorious for freaking out at the mere thought of a flu shot, or really any kind shot. Truth be told she freaks out at the prospect of going to the doctor’s office.  She had one little wart on her foot that is now three little warts and one good size one, so I am dreading making this appointment.


But anyway, that’s not the first I want to talk about.  We all loaded in the car and headed to the Kaiser to get our flu shots. I honestly had been dreading it all day after The Husband mentioned it.  But now the time had come and we had to do it.


We got parked and hiked back to the trailer where the flu shot clinic is being held. (gotta love the parking situation at the hospital). We walked in and there were three LVNs just chilling. They seemed excited at the prospect of customers. So they were very welcoming and friendly.


I sat down and started the paperwork, while both kids clung to my sides like socks with static cling on a pretty skirt.  While The Husband chatted and goofed around with the LVNs.  The one LVN was trying to engage the girls and warm them up to her, so she started asking them questions. The girls loosened up a bit and talked back to her.


As I was wrapping up all the paperwork, the LVN asked if the girls wanted to sit on dad’s lap or mom’s. I think she wanted to get it done before any more anxiety set it. Both kids said mom, so they had to wait until I finished all of the paperwork. Then the little one suddenly piped up, “I am going fiwst because I am brave and {Big One} is not!!”


It was so funny, but we couldn’t laugh because the Big One seemed a bit offended. So we all encouraged them that they could both be really brave.  So then the time came.


I sat down, the Little One sat on my lap, we counted to three and it was done. She said, “I didn’t even fewl a fing!”


So then it was the Big One’s turn. She was tense and trembling just a little as she climbed up on my lap.


I will say we were leaps and bounds ahead of last year. When I took them, the Big One started sobbing and screaming as soon as we walked into the building. We didn’t even know where the flu shot clinic was being held, and she was already screaming!


So I got her on my lap, the LVN told me to watch the Big One’s right hand (she was afraid of getting smacked or the needle being pulled away). So I gently grabbed the Big One’s hand and asked her to look over to the right where The Husband and Little One were standing. We counted to three and ….


It was done.


And THERE WERE NO TEARS!!   There was not even a flinch, squeal, gasp or anything. She was a rockstar. She just sat there calmly and lived through it without a tear.


I almost cried because there was not drama. It was awesome and I was so proud of her!


To celebrate we went to the Children’s Pool and watched the seals for a bit then went to Chili’s for dinner.


It was a fabulous first – no tears at the flu shot clinic!

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