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A Soggy Morning

November 8, 2010

 As we left to walk the Big One to school this morning, it was wet outside.  The Little One pranced around saying we need umbrellas, in the FixItMommy’s infinite wisdom I told her it was just a little misty and we didn’t need umbrellas. We were already a few minutes late and I knew if we got umbrellas the walk to school would take twice as long.


Why is that? I guess the novelty of umbrella usage is not lost on my children. They tend to stroll while carrying umbrellas. Well, I would have gladly taken a stroll with an umbrella over what I got instead.


We dropped the Big One off at her classroom and proceeded to walk back home. Just as we got out from under the school canopy the skies opened up. It started pouring. Of course, the Little One proclaimed very loudly for all to hear, “I towd you we needed umbellas!!”


And then stopped walking.  Are you kidding me? Most days she wants to run home and I have to control her until we get across the street and around the corner. She has a tendency to fall while  standing still, so I have to limit the running to the straight shot down on our own street.  But as we stood there in the pouring rain, sans umbrellas her legs are suddenly not functioning.


She has a “scratch” on her foot and is paralyzed by this itch -to- end- all- itches apparently.  Meanwhile we are getting wetter and wetter with each passing second. So I succumbed to the whining and picked her up to try and make forward progress home. Of course I was wearing a windbreaker that was soaking wet, so now the little one is soaked through and through from the combination of the rain and my jacket and her foot is still itching.


I am now just trying to survive the idiots who despite having just dropped their own children off at school seem unable to grasp that they are still in a school zone and  – shock of all shocks – there may be pedestrians in the crosswalk trying to get home.  (now I do have to say this part of my life is a daily occurrence, not just a rainy day occurrence.  And I guarantee if looks could kill, I would be very guilty and spending a lot of time in prison due to the complete ignorance of some parents who have come within inches of taking out both me and my children, but that’s another blog).


I get the Little One safely across the street, as we approach the corner I ask her if she is ready to run. My back is killing me and my arm was asleep at this point. And guess what? The Little One has no interest in running today. Again, are you kidding me?


So we got around the corner, meanwhile she is slipping lower and lower down my body because she is heavy and wet. Just as we got to our yard, the rain stopped, the Little One slipped out of my arms and bolted home. Suddenly she wanted to run. .. up the walkway to our door.  Perfect timing.

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  1. KAREN permalink
    November 18, 2010 3:46 pm

    lol! I think i remember this day! Poured during the 20 min it takes to get K to school, then nothing. argh!

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