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The Ants Go Marching One by A Thousand

September 12, 2010

Oh my gosh, we have been invaded!! When we first moved back into the house, there were some ants in the bathroom.  I watched them march in from around the faucet. I got some spray and seemed to have eliminated the problem before it got out of hand.


“Seemed” is the key word there. On Saturday morning we were getting ready to go to the park. It is so fun and exciting for us to be able to walk to a park;  When we were living in the desert that was so not an option.  So we were all fired up to get our shoes on and go play.


I told the girls to get their shoes and socks on while I did the same.  Suddenly I heard, “OH NO! This is terrible!!” from the Big One.  So I went in their room to see what was so terrible and there were ants all over their shoes.  I have a wooden shoe divider holder thing in their room with  all of their shoes in it.


Calmly I started squashing ants and realized we’d never get to the park at that rate, so I went for the spray again. I sprayed the shoe holder and all around it, then got some paper towels to remove the ant carcasses.

I tried to find the source of the ants.  I didn’t see a line of them coming from anywhere in particular.  Then I noticed the Little One’s “church shoes” (that she wears all the time) were covered in ants.  Upon closer inspection I noticed something in her shoes. It looked like a tissue.  Now the Little One has had a cough and runny nose so she’s been using a lot of tissues recently. But she has also been using Boogie Wipes that Grandma bought for her.


If you haven’t seen them, they are cool. They are soft, saline wipes that are gentler on the kids’ nose than a regular tissue. Problem is these new ones the Grandma found are grape scented.


I asked some questions of the Little One and determined that her feet were “yucky” (because she wears her church shoes with no socks – EWWW Gross!) and she thought the Boogie Wipes smelled good and would therefore help her feet to smell better, so she stuffed them in her shoes.

The only thing I can come up with is the ants are also attracted to the lovely grape scent and therefore invaded their room. Now my challenge is how to get rid of the ants without putting anything toxic in their room. {The Little One is a little too curious for any “ant traps” so I am at a loss.

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