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Too Smart for Me

September 11, 2010

I am still in unpacking mode.  It’s a pain.  I hate it. You would think with all the moves in the last eight years that I would have it down to a science.  And when you consider that I have moved into this house three times now you would think that I would have finished the task in no time.  Not so much.


I was working on the play room while the Big One was at school.  I assumed that doing it with one kiddo was much easier than doing it with two. I was putting together these wire cube thingies. They are a pain to put together, but the hold the dirt cheap Ikea boxes quite well.  And I needed my book shelves for my “office” (which is really a part of my kitchen, but that’s another story). {And just a note, those “dirt cheap” bins used to be red and blue and only 99cents  each.}


So I had moving boxes, paper, wire frames and pieces everywhere when the Little One insisted that she needed to get out of the playroom immediately.  The conversation went something like this:


Little One:  “Scuse me Momma”
FixItMommy: “Ummmm, not right this second.”
Little One:  “Momma, I need to get out.” {in an exasperated tone}
FixItMommy:  “Do you NOT see the mess in here, I cannot let you out right now.”
Little One: “UGGGHHHHH! Mooooommmmmyyyy!” {hands on her hips}
FixItMommy: “I will be done in a minute and can make you a path out.”
Little One: “But I have to go pee!!!!!”

At this point, I believe her and quickly drop what I am doing, make her a path and lead her out of the playroom.


I kid you not, the kid then looked at me, grinned and said, “I don’t fink I haf to pee Momma.”


Are you freaking kidding me? She has been potty trained for just a bit but has already figured out how to get my attention and apparently get what she wants.


Little turd.

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  1. September 12, 2010 10:54 am

    Gotta love when they use they “I need to go potty” to get what they want!! Our potty trainer likes to get out of his seat when we are at a restaurant and has figured out that the bathroom is a sure way to do it. It is hard because you don’t want to ignore it and force and accident! Little stinkers:)

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