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Timing, My Kid Has Got It

January 1, 2010

Usually when I talk about the girls and timing it’s a case of how bad their timing is. You know how it is, when you want to go somewhere they decide to sleep extra long.  Or just as you sit down for a hot cup of coffee they wake up.  Or when they are supposed to be napping and you want to relax with a book, they suddenly forget how to wipe their own butt in the bathroom. Don’t  deny it, your kids do it too.

Well, today I am thanking the good Lord above for the Big One having great timing. We spent two weeks in San Diego and today I was ready to get home. I miss my space. I miss my bed. I miss my flannel sheets. And I miss my super fast new computer.

So I spent a good chunk of time yesterday and this morning strategically packing all the Christmas loot in the mom-mobile.  When you consider the hugeness of the dog’s crate, I really only have about half  a minivan available to stuff. So it’s like putting a puzzle together. I had finally gotten the last bag strategically placed in the car. I told the Big One she needed to go potty and get her shoes on.

Well, of course Grandma was packing cookies for us to take home while this was going on. So naturally the girls asked Grandma for a cookie. She gave them one and sensing that I was ready to go, the Big One proceeded to shove most of it in her mouth at one time.

No, this isn’t the “good” part of her timing yet.

Right about this time, I spotted something else that needed to go in the car. So I grabbed whatever it was and headed for the front door, just as the Big One started coughing. I heard her run to the bathroom. Great mom that I am I assumed she realized that she needed to pee and was running before she peed her pants. So I kept going with the last bag of whatever it was and shoved it in the mom-mobile. As I walked back into the house, I heard the unmistakable sound of wretching.

The Big One was puking her guts out in the bathroom. I can only assume it was that she choked on the cookie and it made her throw up.  Whatever the cause I have been thanking God all day that it happened just as we were getting ready to leave instead of just after we left.

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