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Going Straight for the Heart {part II}

December 10, 2009

I told you before how the Big One breaks my heart sometimes.  Well she did it again yesterday.

The theme at preschool was “joy.”  The kids were asked to bring something to share that brings them joy. So the Big One chose her “Daddy Doll.”  No problem, I actually thought, it was really sweet.

If only she could have just stopped there.  One of their projects was to draw a picture of something that brings them joy.

The Big One drew a picture of Daddy and the Little One.  That’s it.  Nobody else.  Just Daddy and her sister.

It would have been okay, again if she just left it at that.  Instead she showed me and re-told me at least 10 times that it was Daddy and the Little One who made her happy.

Then to top it off, she called me “Ms. Elizabeth” not once, but twice yesterday afternoon.  {That’s her teacher’s name!}

It’s nice to know what a large impact I have on her daily life!




{I am saying this all in jest, I know that she loves us all equally… on some days!}

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