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The Last 12 Hours {of Pure Joy}

October 9, 2009

For those of you who wondered what my life is like, here is a brief glimpse.

The Last 12 hours

11 ~ Times I played Jungle Jewels on FB before the fun started

10 ~ Times the Little One puked

9 ~ Loads of laundry

8 ~ Pairs of jammies the Little One went through

7 ~ Baths for the Little One

6 ~  Times the Little One tried to keep water down unsuccessfully.

5 ~ Times the Husband e-mailed to check on the Little One.

4 ~ Set of jammies the FixItMommy went through

3 ~ Cups of coffee for the FixItMommy

2 ~  times the FixItMommy tried Tylenol to bring the Little One’s fever down

1 ~ Dog bathed

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