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Preschool Drama and Karma

September 16, 2009

Oh man, the Big One is trouble.   She got put in timeout at preschool yesterday.   She was being mean and breaking apart something the other kids were trying to put together.   She was also fighting with her best buddy over a puzzle.

What am I going to do with this kid? I know it’s all fairly “normal” stuff.”   I know that she needs the social interaction.   I know how much she loves going to preschool.

But man, I don’t want my kid to be the bully.   It’s kind of amusing because she is one of the smaller kids, yet she seems to be the biggest instigator of trouble.   She must get it from her Daddy.

As I struggled with impressing on her how important it is to treat people nicely and to share, I remembered this conversation we had a couple days ago.

Big One: Mommy, am I going to turn into a Cheez-It someday?

FixItMommy: Yep, if you keep eating them like you do.

Big One: So my name would be Big One- Cheez-It? (trust me it’s much funnier with her actual name inserted there, if you know it, say it out loud!}

FixItMommy: I suppose so.

Big One: Well, I don’t want that to happen because I want to keep going to preschool.

Well if she wants to keep going to preschool she better learn to be nice.  It was classic though last night after me harping on her to be nice and share and all that stuff, the Little One kept antagonizing her.  The Big One was building a sandcastle in the sandbox and the Little One kept stomping on it.

As the Big One grew more frustrated and aggravated, I asked her how she felt about what the Little One was doing.  She said “mad!”   So in true FixItMommy fashion, I explained karma to her, hoping maybe it would resonate better than my other attempts to encourage good behavior.

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  1. Amanda permalink
    September 16, 2009 8:16 am

    At least you know what she’s doing at school! I can’t get much out of Taryn.

  2. Rich Samler permalink
    September 16, 2009 8:42 am

    Don’t feel bad Alex was in time out twice yesterday for being what the teacher call being agressive on the playground. I think it goes in streaks. We won’t hear anything for weeks then all of a sudden he’s a wild terror.


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