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Not Going to be A Roofer

July 1, 2009

The Big One is not a real girlie girl.  She does love to ballet dance and put on her dress-up clothes, but I would not consider her all that girlie.

She loves to play with trucks, dig in the dirt and drive her Jeep erratically in the back yard.

We’ve always told her that she can be or do anything when she grows up.  Usually she says she wants to be a firefighter, astronaut, or train driver when she grows up.  She has never said she wants to be a princess or a ballerina.  And I am okay with that.

Today when I dropped her off at preschool, we watched the construction crew that is working on the new building at the church.  They have started roofing the new addition.  There was a man standing on the tippy-top of the new roof hammering.

I asked the Big One if she could see the man up there on top of the roof.

She said yes, I asked her what she thought of that and the conversation when like this:

The Big One: “He’s way up there in the sky on top.”

FixItMommy: “I don’t think I would want that job.”

The Big One: “Me neither. “

FixItMommy: “That’s a little too high up for mommy.”

The Big One: “Yeah! You’ll never see me up there.”

So whatever she does decide to be when she grows up, I think I can rest assured she won’t be a roofer.  Which again, I am fine with.

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