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A Major First, A Little Later Than Most

July 1, 2009

Life has been getting in the way of this blogging thing.  Humor me, pretend you noticed and missed me, okay.

We had a major first a couple weeks ago and though some of you already know this because you have seen the Big One, this will be news to many of you.

We finally cut the Big One’s hair.  She’d never had a haircut in all her four years of life.  Not even a trim. And being the bad mom that I am I didn’t even save one little lock of her precious baby hair.

Instead we sent all 12 inches (yes you read that right!) to Locks of Love.  As the Big One’s hair got longer we began talking to her about Locks of Love and how there are a lot of kids just like her who don’t have any hair.  We told her that sometimes kids get sick and the medicine to make them better makes their hair fall out.  And we told her that some kids are born with different conditions that make their hair not grow.

So she decided she wanted to share her hair with other kids.  “I want to donanate it,” she’d say when we asked her about her hair.

So after several false starts and hemming and hamming over whether she truly wanted to cut and donate it or continue to let it grow long like her Aunt Jen-Jen’s, she decided she was finally ready.

So we jumped in the car and headed to Fantastic Sam’s for the big cut.

First I of course took lots of pictures of her long hair.
Once we got there, we talked to, Sarah, the stylist and told her the plan.  The Big One climbed up into the big chair, like a champ, and sat stoically as the ponytail was cut off.  She then posed for a couple pictures with it.

I think she was a bit shell shocked and really didn’t know what to think about the whole thing.  She was excited, but nervous at the same time.  She set perfectly still and didn’t fuss a bit as her hair was sprayed, twisted, clipped and cut. She watched it all, taking in every detail.

She finally cracked a smile when the big cape came off and she caught a glimpse of herself.  Then much to our joy, she was caught checking herself out in the mirror several more times while the FixItMommy got a trim.

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