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Still a Fashionista

January 27, 2009

When the Big One was little, I lamented about her interest in fashion. She is still very much in charge of her clothes and what she wears. I try to guide her to items that actually match, but some days I just let her do what she wants.

As I embarked {unsuccessfully} on transferring our 8mm home movies to the computer, the Big One has been completely enthralled with watching them as they are copied. {I say unsuccessfully because while I can get them on the computer, I cannot get the files open, each time I try, I get an error and my computer freezes up}

So anyway as the Big One watches herself, she asks “does that shirt still fit?” or “where are those pants?” or “can I wear those shorts today?”

And each time I remind her that she was little in these movies and that those clothes don’t fit any more. That some of them are even too small for the Little One to wear now. {which makes me a little sad, by the way}.

So now she has decided that we need to go shopping to find her those same clothes in her size, and apparently the next size up just so she is ready. I wonder how long this trend will last, will I be special ordering Dora shirts and Elmo shorts when she is 10?

ETA: Just a couple examples of her creations,  the Little One actually matches quite well.


And for those of you who may have forgotten this classic, here’s the link.

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  1. January 27, 2009 9:21 am

    hehe. She is so cute and aware of her fashion! 🙂

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