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A Fashionista at 16 Months?

October 11, 2006

Allison has taken to picking out her own clothes each day. It’s gotten to the point where if I pick out clothes and wrestle them on her, she will literally scream and cry while pulling at them to get them off. Once the offending article of clothing is removed she’s happy as a clam.

The other day I was drying my hair when Allison came in holding a pair of purple pants. I asked her if that’s what she wanted to wear. She proceeded to lie down on the bathroom floor and wait for me to put the pants on. So I told her we needed to find a shirt. Figuring she just randomly picked the purple pants to wear, I assumed selecting a shirt would be just as easy. That’s when I noticed that she had pulled out about eight pairs of pants in order to get to the purple ones. I knew then that it was going to be a tough sell to find just the right shirt.

So I opened the shirt drawer and offered at least 15 different shirts, none of which were acceptable. I knew that it was supposed to be close to 80 degrees on this particular day so when Allison repeatedly selected onesies with long-sleeves and turtle necks I systematically put them back in the drawer. Finally I opted for the drawer with all the short-sleeved onesies and shorts. I pulled out a few onesies and actually found ONE that was acceptable. As I removed the purple pants to snap the onesie I was dreading what I knew would happen next…

Allison is becoming a pro at identifying her body parts. The problem is when she hears the word “tummy” she insists on showing hers off. So the fight began with the onesie and the will to show off her tummy. How long do you think the onesie lasted that day?

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