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Like Father, Like Daughter

October 16, 2008

And in this house, that means WRONG! Everyone knows that the FixItMommy is always right. I don’t even know why they bother arguing with me, yet they do.

Today on our way home from Wal*Mart the Big One was jibber-jabbering in the backseat telling me what color all the stop lights were as we went through them. Yes they were green. We stopped at a red light and she proudly announced “It’s a RED light.” Yes it is, I agreed.

As we drove a bit further the light changed from green to another color. She proudly announced what color she thought it was. I disagreed and corrected her. She proceeded to argue with me for the next few miles home as to what color the light had changed to.

You see the Husband and I argue about this one quite frequently. One would think that after 6 years or so, we would  agree to disagree by now. But we don’t because we both insist that we are right. Obviously that’s not possible.

To finally put an end to this madness, I’m going to put up a poll so y’all can decide who is right. Vote now and tell me what color you think is the middle color on every stop light in America.

After I get enough  correct opinions. I will post which color is right (my choice) and which color the Husband and apparently now the Big One thinks is right.

Ready. Set. VOTE. Really this is way more fun than a McCain/Obama poll isn’t it?  So go exercise your right to vote   {and confirm that the FixItMommy is right. }

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