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Life Lessons: Running Water

October 15, 2008

Yesterday the Big One learned yet another of life’s wonderful lessons. After eating a whole bunch of her favorite snack in the entire world ~ Quakes ranch flavored rice cakes~ I asked her to wash her hands with soap and water.

The soap and water part is significant because usually when she goes potty and washes her hands she uses the “magic” soap. She refers to the antibacterial, no water-needed, stuff as magic soap.

When she is covered in rice cake seasonings though, soap and water are a necessity.

So while washing her hands yesterday suddenly the inevitable happened. The running water sparked something in her brain… the urge to pee. Yes, we discovered the wonderful phenomenon of running water signaling the brain (and bladder) that it was time to go.

Poor kid had no way of knowing that it was going to happen. So there was no stopping the rush of pee. As she stood on her step stool diligently washing her hands she starts crying, “I’m peeing…. I’m peeing… HELP… I’m peeing!”

Normally I will admit I am not very supportive of her peeing in her pants and yesterday was no exception. But instead of frustration, I laughed. Poor kid is going to be scarred for life when it comes to toilet issues.

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