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Perspective ~ PartII

May 1, 2008

You had to know this was coming. Yesterday I was lamenting how frustrating the Big One is, so today I have to tell you what a perfect angel the Little One is.

Like my friend Renee gushed about her Kaden, I know I am the same way about the Little One. She is seriously the sweetest child on the face of the Earth. Of course I love the Big One to pieces – yes all of her pieces and parts. She is just testing all the boundaries and I am trying desperately to let her explore this new independence without locking her in her bedroom.

So back to my point. When the Big One turned 1, she took her first steps, had mastered climbing to the top of the stairs and sadly had already eaten a McDonald’s Happy Meal. Now for the Little One, she is nowhere near walking, she has climbed up one step {the one that gets her back in the house from being on the back porch} and has never eaten a chicken nugget.

I guess with the Big One, I got wrapped up in the first time mom syndrome of wanting her to experience all this new stuff as quickly as possible. I don’t want to say we rushed her or forced her to grow up. But I was excited to say she walked on her first birthday. We took video and still photos to celebrate her eating a McNugget and bragged that she could get up the stairs by herself.

With the Little One, I am perfectly content with her not walking yet. It doesn’t bother me that she still prefers a bottle to most foods. She can just stay this sweet little bundle of babyhood as long as she wants.

Yes I know that eventually she will probably be sassy and whiney like the Big One is right now. She is, after all, learning from the best. But for now I would just like to imagine that she will stay my sweet Little One forever.

Granted I am laying down the law and eliminating the pacifier from her life. I don’t want to have to fight her like I am fighting the Big One to give the damn thing up. Today I took it away at nap time and hope that tomorrow I will have the courage to take it away a bedtime. I’m just afraid if I force her to give it up, that she will wake up sassy and whiney. Lord knows I can’t handle two of them in my house.

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