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Perspective… It Makes the World Go Round

April 30, 2008

I am always amazed how everyone sees the world so differently. I have several great friends who see things completely opposite of me. We all know one another’s perspective and opinions on certain topics and have agreed to disagree. It’s a great thing when you can put aside differences and find common ground with great friends.

I have one group of great gals that all have kids the same age as the Big One. The kiddos will all be turning three in the next month or so. Our situations are all different. Some of us are experiencing the “terrible twos” for the first time, while others are celebrating it being the last time they have to deal with them.

One of the girls sent an e-mail the other day lamenting how wonderful this age is. She wrote: {please don’t get offended Renee that I am sharing this}

Are all of you just loving the stage that our May babies are at? I am sooooo enjoying Kaden so much. I don’t know if it is because he is my last baby or what but I just “inhale” all of his cuteness everyday. I just can’t get enough sometimes. I am sooo thankful for him in our life. I just could not imagine my life without him.

Based on the last few days in my house, I have to say the she is on crack! Okay, just kidding. But I do have to say I think it is Renee’s perspective that makes her gush with joy over toddler-ville. Since he is her last baby, this wonderful time is a joy to behold.

Now for me, since the Big One is my first I have to say I could really live without this stage. At least once a day, she frustrates me almost to tears. She is sassy, whiny, demanding and generally rotten to be around. Yes, I love her to pieces, I just wish I could eliminate certain pieces of her– especially her mouth!

I do love that she is learning to be independent, voice her opinions and develop her little personality. However I just wish she could do it without yelling, doing the whiney dance, and crying.

I know she is only two and that while she is a great talker, she doesn’t know how to express her frustrations and feelings appropriately. I also know that it is my job to help her learn how to do this effectively (note: the screaming and whiney dance are not effective). But how many times a day to have to say, “STOP! Don’t whine, talk to me in a big girl voice and tell me what you want.”

Based on the number of times a day I have to say it, I am beginning to fear that my child is a slow learner. Thank God the Husband is a math geek. I know I don’t have the patience to teach fractions to this one!

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  1. Caitlin permalink
    April 30, 2008 10:45 am

    I am totally with you on this one, I love connor to death and I am trying to look at the situation that he is spirited or whatever those quacks want to call him but he drives me up a wall some days! I call him Mr. Dictator, because he is always barking orders at me! He is learning he has freedom of choice but not much he can do with it since his parents love him and wont let him act out his dumb ideas! I will be so glad when the terrible twos are over let just hope it isnt going to be the even worse threes! We can hang out together on the edge of sanity!

  2. Aidy permalink
    April 30, 2008 2:10 pm

    I feel you and I think we are in the same boat. With a younger one than my Big One, and since I’ve been a single SAHM for two months now I’m just about ready to burst with…ahem…joy at Orion’s newfound whining at everything all day long with no explanation and inability to communicate with the words I know he can use!!
    It is driving me crazy…and then the younger one will see the older one doing it, and will imitate it…beware. And good luck.


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