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Big One Dropped It…

October 2, 2007

UGH! Do you know how frustrating it can be to try to hold a conversation with a two-year-old? We were at the mall today looking at draperies for the house. As we were wrapping it up and heading back to the elevator, the Big One starts whining that she wants her other shoe.

I had the girls in our Graco Duo Glider stroller. For those of you not familiar with this monstrosity it’s at least 8 feet long, I swear. With the Little One in her car seat in the back part of the stroller, I cannot see the front of the stroller so most of the time I have no idea what the Big One is doing. As a result I have become pretty adept at walking and watching the ground around the stroller to check for falling objects. Somehow today I missed one… one very important object… the Big One’s right shoe.

So here is basically how the conversation went once I discovered we were missing a shoe.

ME: Where is your shoe?
Big One: Big One dropped it
ME: Where did you drop your shoe?
Big One: On the ground
ME: Where on the ground did you drop it?
Big One: Yeah.
ME: Big One where on the ground did you drop your shoe?
Big One: We shopping.
ME: Yes we are shopping, did you drop it in this store?
Big One: Yeah.
ME: Where in the store did you drop it?
Big One: On the ground
ME: Did you drop it when mommy was looking at curtains?
Big One: No
ME: Then when did you drop it?
Big One: On the ground
ME: I understand you dropped it on the ground, I am asking you when you dropped it and why you didn’t tell mommy when you dropped it.
Big One: Big One wants her Pooh bear shoe
ME: I understand you want your shoe. Mommy is trying to find it. When did you drop it?
Big One: Shopping
ME: So you dropped it in this store while we were shopping?
Big one: On the ground. Big One dropped it.

And on and on and on it went. This conversation continues as we did two laps re-tracing our steps around the entire mall (Parkway Plaza) and JC Penney (where we were looking for curtains).

Fianlly I gave up and went to Starbucks, I deserved it!

How in the world her little blue Croc (knock-off) could have disappeared in such a short amount of time is beyond me. It’s not so much that we lost the shoe that makes me mad, it’s that the damn thing had a Winnie the Pooh Jibbitz on it. The stupid Pooh bear cost me $5… yes I think that’s more than the shoes cost. So if you are at Parkway Plaza and find a blue croc wanna-be with Pooh bear in it, give me a call.

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