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Mommy, Fix it!

September 5, 2007

Growing up my dad could fix anything. Whenever something broke, a piece fell off something or I lost an important part to a toy, it seemed that my dad could fix it. Well apparently Big One has that same impression of me.

I hear, “Mommy… fix it,” several times a day. Now it does vary from:

“Moooooommmmmyyyy……..fixxxxxxxxxx itttttt!”




“Mommy, fix it?”

The version that I hear depends on what exactly “it” is that needs fixing. When the “it” in question is simply putting the baby doll’s hat or shoes back on, it’s a general request. Unless of course Big One has been trying unsuccessfully to get the shoes or hat on for several minutes, then it’s the long drawn out whiney version.

If it’s something like putting the straw back in her cup when she is absolutely dying of thirst it’s the quick demanding no syllable break version.

When the teeny tiny screw falls out of her sunglasses, it’s the sweet inquisitive version.

The list of things that I can fix is long and can be complicated. Some of the things on the list I’ve already mentioned, some of the others include rebuilding a tower of blocks, putting the cushions back on the couch, pushing the play button to make Barney come back on after she’s pushed a series of buttons on the remote, putting the plastic egg toys back together when she’s broken them all open and scattered them across the living room, and making a sticker that she has put on and taken off 20 times sticky again.

Those are the easy fixes, some of the more complicated ones include putting a piece of chalk or a crayon back together after she’s snapped the pointy end off, putting my white gold necklace back together after she accidentally pulled on it and broke it in half, fixing the fender on my car where the morons at Carl Burger Jeep hit a pole when my car was in for service and finally putting a banana back together.

Now I admit that I may cheat here and there, yes I have taped a crayon back together. I have taped a sticker back together. Now if only I could figure out how to tape a banana back together I could remain the fix it queen of our household forever.

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