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New Legislation Should be in Effect

August 3, 2007

I am officially proposing new legislation to go into effect immediately. If you are single and able bodied you are NOT allowed to clog the drive thru at any Starbucks in San Diego County.

That’s it. End of discussion. Get your lazy butt out of your car and walk the 100 feet into the Starbucks so that poor schlubs like me who have two little munchkins can utilize the drive thru in a reasonable amount of time.

Seriously, drive thrus were designed for moms with little kids, not lazy slackers who should be sitting at their desks doing their monotonous jobs, not buying coffee.

Last week, I definitely needed some coffee. I had the Little One who was screaming because she was too tired to fall asleep and the Big One who thinks every time the car stops, it’s acceptable to scream “GREEN, GO!” (translation, “green means go”). We had been driving around for about 60 minutes trying to get the Little One to fall asleep, when I finally gave in and decided that Starbucks was in order. So having mapped out all the Starbucks designed for moms (ie: the ones with drive thrus) I headed for the one closest to our location – – the one on Mission Gorge and Fairmount – – there were at least 9 cars in the drive thru line.

I took my place in line and listened to the chorus of screaming in my back seat for about 90 seconds before I gave up and headed for the next closest one – – the one on El Cajon Blvd between College and 70th — this one had been my savior before. Last time we were in the area there was no wait and they had the banana chocolate chip coffee cake. I had hit the jackpot. Well, that was then and not the case on this particular day.

By the time we got there, Little One had quieted and Big One was content listening to the Barney CD. As we arrived, I attempt to take my place in the drive thru line, the problem was I couldn’t even figure out where the end of the line was. There were at least 10 cars in line, clogging the entire parking lot from both ends. Exasperated I made an illegal u-turn in the middle of the street because there was no where else to go, and resigned myself to no coffee despite my desperate need for it.

Since we were on the way to my sister’s house I figured I would try one more stop. We drove past my sister’s and made our way to the one in Rancho San Diego on Jamacha. There were only 4 cars in line so I took my chances and got in line. God bless Natalie, the girl working the drive thru who helped me despite the chorus of “GREEN, GO!” coming from the backseat. Yes, they get the gold star for only having four cars in line, but curses to them for not having the banana chocolate chip coffee cake that I needed to go with my decaf iced white mocha!

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