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Yes, SHE is very cute!

February 21, 2006

The universal baby gender language goes as follows, pink = girl and blue = boy, right? Apparently many people here in Ohio have this language confused and they think that bald= boy and full head of hair = girl. Now if you are over 70 years old this rule of course doesn’t apply to you. You can call my beautiful baby girl a boy and I will not be offended. However for those of you under the age of 70, Allison is a girl!

We were in a Target store the other day. Allison was wearing a pink turtle neck, pink pants, pink socks, pink fake UGGS and had a pink fleece hat in her hands. This woman who was probably early to mid 40’s comes up to us and says, “ohhhhh he is so cute.” I politely smile and say “thank you.” I really have learned to pick my battles with this one.

So we walk a few more aisles and see this same woman who appears to be with her tween-ish granddaughter. This time she points us out to her granddaughter and says, “Look at him, isn’t he just too cute?” I can’t take it anymore, I look her straight in the eye and say, “Yes, we do think that SHE is pretty cute.” With that, the granddaughter looks rather embarrassed and quickly turns down the closest aisle while the lady says, “oops, hee hee hee,” and walks off.

How difficult is it to figure out that a baby dressed head to toe in pink is a girl? I just don’t understand. Yes, there are days when Allison is wearing yellow, blue or green and it may be difficult for folks to tell she is a girl, so I am always polite when people assume she is a boy. But for goodness sake she was literally head to toe in pink and people still called her a boy.

So here is my plea if you are ever compelled to compliment on a baby’s looks, please be sure that you are making the correct gender choice before using any offensive pronouns! If there is any doubt, use the generic such as, “what a cute baby!” or “how old is your baby?” and if you really want to know the true gender ask, “what’s the baby’s name?” and then hope like heck that the answer isn’t Erin or is it Aaron?

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