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Where are you going with that baby?

February 10, 2006

Allison I and decide that we are going to walk around the indoor track at the gym. Since strollers aren’t allowed, I planned to strap Allison in the Baby Bjorn and get some exercise. We enter the gym and head up the stair to the track, when from the bottom of the stairs I hear, “Ma’am where are you going with that baby?”

Huh? I am thinking. I turn around to face the little man with the big attitude and politely say,while holding up the Baby Bjorn, “I’m gonna strap her on and walk around the track.”

“Ummm, well I guess that’ll be okay,” is his response.

Seriously what did he think I was going to do with her? I really wanted to look him in the eye and we are going to jump in the boxing ring and go a few rounds, after that we are going to jump on the elliptical for some cardio and then I’ll put her on the stair master to work out the little baby rolls she’s got on her thighs.

The scary thing is someone must’ve tried at least one of the aforementioned activities or else the man wouldn’t have chased me up the stairs. But c’mon do I look like a complete idiot?

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