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Magnetic Walls

February 7, 2006

Whose crazy idea was this? That’s the thought that was running through my mind as I painted a large chunk of my living room wall black. What in the world was I thinking? Well here’s what I was thinking, I just hope like heck it works.

We currently live about 2,000 miles away from most of our family. That means that Allison is growing up without the benefit of having grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles and cousins close by. So in a moment of sheer brilliance I decide that if I paint a portion of a wall with magnetic paint, we can put pictures of the aforementioned family members on the wall. Allison can at least get used to their smiling faces and have some fun moving the pictures around, etc.

Sounds like a fabulous idea, right? Everyone seems to think so. {just as a side note, we live in military housing so that means all of the walls in the house are stark white and changing them is really not an option.}So anyway, those folks who agree this is a fabulous idea have also never used magnetic paint.
As I am applying the paint to the 4×4 section of wall, my heart is racing and I tell my hubby that we may have to re-paint the entire living room orange or green because there is no way that white paint will cover the magnetic black mess that I am creating. He of course, being the ever-supportive husband calls his mom to tell her we are going to paint the living room orange.

After applying the magnetic mess, the can says to wait 24-hours before applying a “top-coat.” So all night long I am thinking about this black wall and how I am going to cover it.

I’m worried because I know that I could put 10 coats of white paint on it, but then the magnets won’t work. My supportive husband then says not to worry, we’ll just leave it black until we move (in two years) and then we’ll worry about it. UGH!

So Sunday after church I pull out the white paint and get to work. I tried applying the first coat using a paint brush with horrendous results. So my hubby sensing my frustration with this “whole stupid project,” volunteers to put the second coat on using a roller. While he begins work, I head upstairs figuring that I’d rather be cleaning the toilets upstairs than watching my hopeless mess.

Once I finish cleaning the upstairs bathrooms, I cautiously peek around the entertainment center to my mess of a wall and it’s looks… fabulous! I can’t believe that the second coat of white paint actually covered my black mess of magnetic paint.

Gosh, this magnetic wall is such a fabulous idea!

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