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The People in Your Neighborhood

May 4, 2020

It has been months since I’ve written. I wish I could say it’s because I have been too busy. But really it’s more lazy. I am working many more hours than usual but truthfully there’s been a lot of binge watching of The Big Bang Theory and Hallmark movies over the past couple months. The girls are journaling daily, so I decided I need to attempt to at least write something.

Problem is, these posts typically begin with humor. Someone did something funny or unusual. Honestly since the quarantine began there haven’t been many moments with fun and giggles. Last night we did go to La Jolla Shores to experience the bioluminescence so there was fun and laughter. We need to find more of that.

The one thing we do know a lot more about since the quarantine began are the people in our neighborhood. When your only real options to get outside are walking, running or biking you tend to do more of that.  In my experience here’s who lives by me:

The older gentleman watering his flowers.
As I approached, I saw him diligently wearing his mask while watering his purple flowers. I stepped into the street to maintain social distancing. As soon as he saw me, he turned off the water, removed his mask and offered a sincere, “Good morning! How are you today?” He was sweet. He was kind. He was lonely. We made some small talk where he sadly proclaimed, “I wish this was all over.” It broke my heart.

The power couple running.
I see this couple every time I walk. They are both ridiculously fit. The run in the street. They are not talking to one another or anyone around them. The woman will occasionally offer a small smile as they fly past me, but he never acknowledges that there is anyone else in his world.

The Loving Couple With Two Dogs.
I see them most days too. They have two dogs. They are out strolling. Their masks are down around their necks. They are prepared, but smart enough to not keep the masks on the entire time they are outside. They are both friendly and always cheerful.

The Lady With Her Dog.
We see each other and both make a move at the same time to go to the street. Seeing each other, we both move back towards the sidewalk. UGH! Y’all know that awkward dance you do with strangers when you are both way too accommodating! It’s silly. You laugh at yourselves. Ultimately, I win and move to the street. I am alone. I always yield to people with kids and dogs.

The Well-Coiffed Woman.
You’ve all seen her. It’s barely 8 am, yet she is put together. Every hair in place. Lips shining brightly with coral colored gloss. Matching tank top, shorts and shoes. She’s polite but not overly friendly. We met at an intersection. Totally awkward. I want to walk straight. She wants to turn right towards me. There is a car at the stop sign next to her. Where can I go? Nowhere! There is tension. Nobody knows which way to move. Finally, I move to the street to avoid the woman. But now what? There is a car wanting to turn. Finally I broke for it and power-walked in front of the car, all the while hoping they are kind and don’t run me over!

The Person on Their Phone.
This person must think highly of themselves. They are typically in matching workout gear as well. They hold their head high. Shoulders are back. They are focused. They are on a mission. They are on an important business call. And I can hear every word of it. Why oh why are you negotiating a business deal while walking down the street with phone on speaker at the highest volume possible?

The Mom With the Stroller
This one is a tough one. I typically walk to get away from the noise of my peeps.  I love ‘em dearly but this has been a lot of togetherness. So when I go, I go alone. I don’t want music, talking, yelling or arguing. My peaceful thoughts are interrupted by a screaming toddler. I cringe at first for a split second. Then I catch myself. That poor woman. Toddlers are tough. She has two in a stroller. They are screeching and arguing about something. As they get louder, mom’s music emanating from her iPhone also gets louder. No judgement from me on that one. You turn that music up as loud as you want momma! You do what you gotta do to survive this!

The Person Walking in Full Gear.
You’ve all seen this yahoo, running while wearing a mask and gloves. Honestly, there is nothing to say about these people. There is no hope for them.

Who do you see in your neighborhood? I know there are so many more out there!


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