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Dealing With Those Pesky Girl Scouts

January 30, 2017

cookie-mobileGirl Scouts Cookie sales started for us yesterday, and it’s obvious that many folks in my neighborhood missed my post last year about How to Talk to Girl Scout Cookie Sellers (shocking, I know!). So as a community service, here is a short and sweet rundown on how to deal with those pesky little Girl Scouts asking if you want to buy yummy, delicious Girl Scout cookies:

If you…. Are on a diet and a Girl Scout asks if you want to buy cookies
You can say…. No thank you.


If you… Have seriously zero cash
You can say…. No thank you.


If you…Are seriously struggling with life and barely making ends meets
You can say… No thank you.


If you…. Are diabetic, allergic to sugar, chocolate, gluten, coconut, eggs, cat, dogs, penicillin or peanuts
You can say… No thank you.


If you…. Have 4 granddaughters, 13 grand nieces and 3 neighbors all selling cookies too
You can say… No thank you.


If you… Think Girl Scouts are evil because they participate in a national event in Washington, DC.
You can say…. No thank you.


If you … Are currently burning dinner while trying to change a poopy diaper, while at the same time wrestling with your dog who is destroying your favorite slipper
You can say…No thank you.


If you …. Already gave at the office, tithe to your church, volunteer to feed the homeless and buy extra food for animals at the pound
You can say… No thank you.


I’m not sure if you notice a theme here or not, but there most definitely is one.

Don’t get me wrong, we don’t mind hearing about your struggles, challenges, allergies and disdain for life in general. Feel free to share your story with us. But please remember there is no reason to be rude, condescending or flat out lie to a child who is simply learning some life skills, while also raising funds so that her troop can have some fun, help people in need and do their part to make the world a better place. YES! A cookie can do all that!

For those of you who constantly support my girls and all the other girls in your neighborhood. We sincerely thank you for being awesome!




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  1. January 30, 2017 9:47 am

    I remember this advice from last year. You obviously made an impression. Let’s hope it works for many more!

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