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This Kid…

April 7, 2016

IMG_0754As moms, we all think our kid is the coolest kid around. We find our own children to be funny, charming, caring, considerate, loving, empathetic, etc, etc, etc. But as moms who spend time with other kids, we also know that lots of kids can be jerks. They can be mean, rude, inconsiderate and obnoxious. I mean really, who do those kids belong to?


Anyway, back on track this is not about “those” kids. Today I am going to brag on my kid. I don’t normally do stuff like this. My kids are cool, funny, charming, caring, considerate, loving, empathetic, etc, etc, etc. But they can also be rude, mean, jerks too. But today the Little One falls into the “good” category. Actually most days, the Little One is in the good stuff category. She will literally give someone the shirt off her back. If she overhears you need a couple bucks, she will go to her piggy bank and hand over all that she has. When her school or church youth groups is collecting coins for different causes, she has no hesitation at all about giving all that she has away.


So today is her birthday. YAY! She is 9 years old today. As is typical, she wanted to bring treats into school to share with her entire class. Over the years, we’ve done it all. We’ve brought in cookies, donuts, cupcakes, pizza and brownies. Whatever she has been in the mood for we made happen.


Well this year, she has a kiddo in her class who is gluten-free. I should add that my niece is also gluten-free. So the Little One has tried some GF items before and not been a fan (most especially the gluten-free Toffeetastic Girl Scout cookies, they are gross). The Little One is well aware that gluten-free does not taste the same as gluten-full stuff!


So I asked her what she wanted to bring in to class for her birthday. She announced, “BROWNIES!” without hesitation. Then she paused and said, “Can you make them gluten-free so that Ian doesn’t feel left out?”


IMG_0752I asked for clarification. I assumed she wanted “regular” brownies for everyone else and a gluten-free one for Ian. But nope she said this:


“Mom, he always has to have something different than everyone else. He can never just eat what people bring in. I just don’t want him to be left out this time.”


Oh, my heart. This kid. She is a rockstar. So thank you Betty Crocker for having a gluten-free brownie mix that “wasn’t really that bad,” according to the Little One.  And thank you Little One for just being you.

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  1. April 8, 2016 2:27 pm

    What a gem! She’ll probably start an NGO for her Senior Exhibition. She’s got another whole lifetime to make it happen.

  2. July 18, 2016 5:37 pm

    Wow! Someone surely is doing an amazing job bringing that kid up 🙂
    Turtle Hugs
    (landed here from a reblog Sue Ranscht did of you , and I’m loving it)

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