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Angels and Messages

December 3, 2015

faithThere is so much yuckiness in the world especially today in the aftermath as we all try to comprehend what happened in San Bernardino yesterday. I struggled to sleep last night. I just kept thinking about those left behind, those whose lives are forever changed because of some kind of evil. It just rocked me to the core.

So this morning I am happy to share a little sliver of hope that there is definitely good in the world. That there are angels and messages around us each day if we can find a way to hear them.

The Little One was eating breakfast before school when out of the blue she asks me about a friend of hers who is also in our Girl Scout troop.

“Is Nyah okay, Mom?” she asked.

“What?” I responded. It was such a random question, I thought.

“Nyah, is she okay? I didn’t see her at school. Is she sick or something?”

Now I had seen this kiddo at school on Tuesday, so I assumed all was well and told the Little One as much.

“I think she is okay,” I said. “I talked to her Tuesday after school. Was she not at school yesterday (Wednesday)?” I asked.

“I didn’t see her, that’s why I wondered if she was okay,” the Little One responded.

I told her I didn’t know but that what we would make a special effort to look for her friend once we got to school.

We were, of course, running late. The Little One couldn’t find her science journal. The Big One forgot her trumpet. We were a mess, racing to school. We got to school after the bell rang so we didn’t have time to look for Nyah to check on her.

So as usual, after the kids are safely in their classrooms, a couple mom friends and I chat about life right outside the school gate. Today as we were chatting, Nyah and her mom arrived at school. Nyah was walking a little funny we noticed, so we asked if she was alright. Turns out she broke her ankle and that is why she was not at school yesterday.

The Little One adores Nyah, but she is not a friend that we talk about daily. They play well together and have lots of fun at Girl Scouts, but they don’t typically play together daily at recess or anything like that. But something told the Little One that Nyah was hurting. Someone prompted the Little One to ask me about her friend. Someone IS watching out for our little ones. And someone is getting through to them.

In these difficult times, we need to have faith like a child. We need to know that Someone is out there. Someone is in control and Someone will assure that we are all somehow, someway going to be okay.

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